Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion
Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion

Comfortable Motorcycle Airbags Seat Cushion

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Do You Want to Change?

When you ride on a motorcycle, where does your first feeling come from?  There is no doubt that when you step on the motorcycle, the first feeling comes from the seat cushion. The seat cushion is responsible for supporting most of your weight, and a poor sitting posture will greatly reduce the fun of our riding. The cushion is the most directly accessible to the Cavaliers. The comfort of the cushion directly affects the feeling of riding.

The requirements for the seat cushion are higher especially for long-distance cycling and professional riders. Because the road conditions of cross-country vehicles are mostly rugged mountain roads, undulating roads or filled with various obstacles designed by professional venues. To ensure a more flexible and comfortable to drive, a new material airbag cushion becomes necessary. 

You Can Imagine a More Enjoyable Ride

Look at this super comfortable cushion! Yes, we know what you need and how to realize it. We found the best fabric for your cushion: TPU + Lycra.


TPU fabrics has excellent elasticity and wear resistance. This material provides excellent performance under severe weather and manpower. Just take a rest after you arrive, it doesn't need  frequent maintenance.


TPU fabric has outstanding load-bearing capacity, impact resistance as well as shock absorption. The engine vibration transmitted to the body can be reduced by up to 50%, and the direct impact force can be reduced by up to 30%.


Lycra diving elastic fabric feels delicate and soft, greatly improves the feel of the cushion and the recovery of crease. It's of high rebound, no deformation and can be repeatedly washed.


Lycra diving elastic cloth can reject 99% of bacteria breeding, inhibit a variety of conventional bacteria, and achieve true anti-bacteria, dust-proof, anti-mildew.

Share Your Pain, Enjoy Your Tour

The structure can help to share 30% pressure and protect the caudal vertebra. When the airbag is squeezed, the gas between the airbags flows to each other. This process produces a uniform pressure "anti-gravity" effect, which adds extra buffer.

With shallow groove design,  you will stay cool even you have been sedentary. The 3D airbag gap can achieve excellent ventilation effect, so the cushion is comfortable and not sticky. This structure reduces the heat transfer between the legs, the buttocks and the seat, so that the purpose of cooling can be achieved.

Air filling give you a soft support. With an air-filled design, it's flexible and will give you an excellent experience. The lightweight airbag relieves bone pressure as well as ensures long-term ride comfort.

To make the cushion stay where you want, we used anti-skid particles and double-bandage fixation. The bandages adopt a cross-wrapping method to take care of the shape of the seat, which makes the seat fit the seat cushion better. The bottom of the cushion is also designed with unique anti-slip particles. More restraint, more stable.

Just Take a Second to Get Ready

Step 1  Pull out the cushion inflation valve and open it.
Step 2  Fully insert the inflation nozzle into the valve and start  inflating.
Step 3  Inflate to 80% fullness (if the sound is abnormal during the inflation process, and the cushion does not swell, the inflation nozzle should be plugged deeper).
Step 4  After inflation, pull out the inflation nozzle. Insert the valve, and press it until it is recessed.

It Really Matters to Your Life

This motorcycle airbag cushion subverts the traditional cushion design concept, which is air-filled, comfortable, breathable, heat-dissipating and stable. It will definitely change our riding habits.

It also fits your chair!