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The  Ruler
The  Ruler
The  Ruler

The Ruler

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What's different?

The key change we've added is a? slope on the ruler's face. It's a simple, yet incredibly effective, update and it makes the? Ruler?so much easier to use.

Easy Reading

The Ruler does away with teeny measurements, instead opting for large fonts and clear indications. This means you can read the measurements at a distance and you'll always be sure to make your mark.

Places its measurements at a comfortable 30 degree angle. This simple improvement means you no longer have to lean over to use the device, thus improving your posture and at the same time making your life easier.

Good posture will help in later life and reduce pain from neck and backache.

Easy to grab

Easier to pick up from any surface than a traditional ruler.


3D construction inherently non-slip and will keep its place perfectly every time.

Safe for Cutting

Tough material and 3D angle keep your fingers from knife sharp end.


Perfect combination of Aerospace grade aluminum and superb engineering resulting in the right balance of great looks, strength, precision and lightweight portability.

Laser Targeted

A deep everlasting finish is not the way traditional rulers are made. Laser-engraving is complex, time consuming and comes at a price... but then the 30?? Ruler is not just any ruler.

Two ?in one

Simple, yet effective design we have created a ruler that incorporates two different measurements on both sides.

Your choice of measurements

Our lovely backers will have the options of 3 different measurements and 2 lengths of S/L.